How Many Calories In Sauvignon Blanc?

Do you want to know how many calories are in Sauvignon Blanc?

How Many Calories In Sauvignon Blanc

Maybe you have heard conflicting answers and want to know which is right? Or are you curious about the calories in wine and want to know more?

No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answers for you! 

Finding out how many calories is in Sauvignon Blanc can be tricky, especially if you have never considered the calories in wine before.

You head online to find out more but are met with page after page of conflicting and contradictory information.

Frustrated and disappointed, you are left unsure where to turn or who to trust. How will you find out how many calories are in your favorite wine now? 

Well, by turning to us! Today we are here to answer all your questions. Keep reading to find out how many calories are in Sauvignon Blanc and everything you need to know about the tasty white wine.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of Sauvignon Blanc?

Let’s dive straight into it! Sauvignon Blanc is a relatively dry wine with little to no residual sugar in the bottle. But the grapes do add some calories to each glass.

There are roughly 125 calories in a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 

We are basing this on a medium glass measurement. Larger glasses will have a higher calorie content and smaller glasses will have fewer calories, but you can use the 125 as a good benchmark. 

There is some Sauvignon Blanc that is considered a low-calorie option and will have roughly 100 calories per glass.

This is a pretty low amount for wines and makes it a good option for anyone in a calorie deficit that also wants to enjoy a glass of wine. 

We have some low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc options listed below, so be sure to stick with us to find a new white wine. 

How Many Calories Are In A Bottle Of Sauvignon Blanc?

When we look at a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, there are a few factors that need to be considered. First is the size of the bottle. For today’s article, we are working with the standard-size bottle of wine which is 750ml, or 24 oz. 

On average, a standard bottle of Sauvignon Blanc contains roughly 600 calories and 15g of carbs. Now these numbers will vary depending on the brand of wine and type that you buy.

Some bottles will have fewer calories, while others will have a much higher amount. 

The 600 calories in wine are less than a large bag of potato chips and should have a better concentration of healthy nutrients.

However, the calorie and carb content in wine is also the same as six chocolate bars and isn’t much more nutritious!

It is good to see what the calorie content is similar to but worth remembering that alongside a healthy and balanced diet, you can enjoy these treats! 

Low-Calorie Sauvignon Blanc Wines 

Below is a list of the best Sauvignon Blancs that are low in calories. 

  1. WW Cense: This wine has roughly 75 calories per 125ml glass, or 72 for the sparkling variety. There is an alcohol percentage of 9.6%. 
  2. Brancott Estate Flight Series: This wine has roughly 75 calories in a traditional Sauvignon and 72 for sparkling varieties. 
  3. B&G: oldest wine merchant in Bordeaux, their low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc Has 82 calories per 125ml glass, with a percentage of 11.5%. 
  4. Painted Wolf: There are 90 calories per glass of this wine, with a high percentage of 12.5%. 
  5. Wildsong Organic Sauvignon Blanc: There are 91 calories in a 125ml glass of this wine with a 12% alcohol content. There is a light oak aftertaste too with this wine.
  6. The Doctors’ Sauvignon Blanc: There are 67 calories in one glass of this wine with an alcohol content of 9.5%. 

Calories In Sauvignon Blanc VS. Other Wines 

So how do the calories in Sauvignon Blanc compare to other wines and alcohols? We have a list below of all the calories in other alcohols and other wines to help you see which drink matches your calories. 

  • Prosecco – 80 calories 
  • Chenin Blanc – 118 calories 
  • Pinot Noir – 120 calories
  • Grenache – 122 calories 
  • Pinot Grigio – 122 calories 
  • Chardonnay – 123 calories 
  • Cabernet Franc – 123 calories 
  • Sangiovese – 126 calories 
  • Monastrell 0 130 calories 
  • Whisky, gin, and rum – 90-100 calories per 30ml shot
  • Vodka – 90-100 calories per 30 ml shot
  • Cider – 200-150 calories per pint
  • Beer – 250-300 calories per pint 

Which Wine Has The Lowest Calories?

Typically a Riesling will have the lowest amount of calories per serving. The wine generally has 120 calories per serving, which is pretty similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.

You can also find Aauvingnon Blanc with fewer calories, like the list we showed you earlier. 

Champagne is also a good option, with the average calories being 100 per serving. Of course, the calorie content varies from drink to drink and depends on the brand too.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that white wines will usually have fewer calories than other wines. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! There are roughly 125 calories in a standard glass of Sauvignon Blanc! The calories do vary depending on the type of wine you have and the brand, but you can expect a glass to be around the 125 mark. 

There are also some lower-calorie options available for you to check out, ensuring that you can enjoy a glass of wine or two without drinking too many calories!

Although we have spent today looking at the calories, remember that you can still enjoy a drink with a higher amount of calories providing you are enjoying a healthy and balanced diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before you leave us today, be sure to check out our brief FAQ section to get the answers to your last-minute questions!

Is Sauvignon Blanc High In Calories?

Compared to other wines on the market, Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be average in terms of its calorie content.

There are other low-calorie options on the market too, where you can enjoy a glass of wine for around 70 calories! 

And while it can seem that these are wasted calories, wine has antioxidants and nutrients in it.

While there are healthier ways you can get these nutrients, it’s worth remembering that you are allowed to enjoy yourself and have a glass of wine or two if you want to!

Is Sauvignon Blanc Wine Fattening?

No, Savungnon Blanc is not fattening if you are enjoying a glass every few nights a week.

The antioxidants in Sauvignon Blanc can be healthy, but it is worth noting that excessive consumption will add calories to your diet which could be fattening in the long term. 

Remember to enjoy your wine as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

How Many Calories Are In A 1.5l Bottle Of Sauvignon Blanc?

There are roughly 1,200 calories in a 1.5 liter bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. This is based on 1.5l being twice the size of a standard bottle of wine, which has roughly 600 calories in.

Of course, these numbers are just general. The calories in a bottle of wine will vary from brand to brand, with many lower calorie options existing.

How Many Carbs Are In A 6oz Glass Of Sauvignon Blanc?

There are 3.75 grams of carbs in a six-ounce glass of Sauvignon Blanc. This is based on a standard-size bottle having 15g of carbs. We then divide 15 by 6 to give us 2.5g per four ounces.

We then divide this number by two to get 1.25g. Added together, we get the final answer of 3.75g of carbs per six ounces of Sauvignon Blanc.

Again, we are working with general numbers here. There might be some discrepancies depending on the wine you choose.

How Many Calories Are In An 8oz Glass Of Sauvignon Blanc?

There are 250 calories in an 8oz glass of Sauvignon Blanc. A standard 125ml glass has just over 4oz in, so we can double the number of calories (125) in this to see how many calories are in 8 oz.

This gives us the answer of 250! 

It’s worth noting that the calories are a little higher as there are more than 4oz in a 125ml glass. You can check the bottle of your wine for an accurate number of calories to help you have an accurate picture.

How Many Calories Are In 250 Ml Of Sauvignon Blanc?

There are 200 calories in 250ml of Sauvignon Blanc. How did we get to this number? We took the 600 calories in a standard bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and divided it by three.

This gave us the number of 200 per 250ml. 

There might be some discrepancies depending on the bottle of wine you have. You can always look up the brand of wine or check the bottle for an accurate breakdown of the calories per glass or portion.

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