Meet The Team is run by two sisters, Sarah and Lisa Perez.

Sarah Perez

Sarah Perez

Hello, my name is Sarah. I run a wine tasting experience in California with my sister, Lisa. We are both sommeliers, and we also make our own wine in a winery at a local vineyard.

Where we live has the perfect climate for growing grapes, so we figured- why not?

I have worked as a sommelier for over ten years, and I have sampled and purchased wines from all over the globe for my clients.

I have developed many restaurants’ wine lists and managed wine programs in bars and so many other venues, to help companies find a flavor and taste profile that is tailored to their goals and brands.

As a result, I have savored many different wines, and I know what to look for. This is what inspired me to focus on my dreams- and make my own wine.

Now, we run our own mini wine festivals, where people come from all over to taste our wines and some of the best that the world has to offer.

A few years ago, I was living in San Francisco, where my favorite time of year was the Pinot Days festival.

I loved connecting with like-minded people who can appreciate and value a great tasting wine. This is what inspired me to start with my sister, Lisa.

Here, we can offer amazing wine pairings, recommendations, and explore the distinctive tastes of wines from different regions- no matter where you are located.

I can offer you articles and information about wine from a seasoned sommelier, and now a winemaker too! I promise that you enjoy some of our articles, and start thinking outside of the box when it comes to wine.

There are so many incredible wines out there just waiting to be discovered. I hope that we can help you find your next perfect glass of wine!

Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez

Hi, and welcome to our site. My name is Lisa, and I work as a writer here at

My sister and I have always enjoyed a glass of wine. I guess it is in our blood.

Being from Spanish descent, wine has always been served with a great meal or during events.

Wine is a big part of our culture in Spain, with our country being the third largest producer of wine in the world.

Much like Italy, wine is a part of having great food, good conversation, and wonderful times with friends and family.

But, shockingly- pinot is our favorite. Just don’t tell our family that!

As avid wine lovers, Sarah and I started our own wine business, and now run events and sommelier days for other like-minded individuals.

We love opening up our vineyard and letting others explore the whole process.

But, we’re not just enthusiastic about our own wines.

We love to travel, and have visited some of the best vineyards and countries in the world- known for their wines.

From Italy, to Bordeaux, California to Champagne, wherever we go- we sample the wine!

At this site, I can write articles about the basics of wine, the origins, the best notes to look out for, and so much more.

I hope that you can find some inspiration for your next glass of wine, here at

Join us in our little community, and become Wine Enthusiasts like us.


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