San Francisco Pinot Days

If you want to broaden your horizons when it comes to wine and try out new and exciting varieties, then a good idea is to attend more showcases, exhibitions, and festivals.

San Francisco Pinot Days

If you live in or near San Francisco, then you may be interested in the Pinot Days Grand Festival – but what is it, when, and what can you do there? 

Here, we are going to be talking about the San Francisco wine festival Pinot Days. This way, you can discover if this wine festival is for you or if you should look for a different way to experience new wines. 

What Is The Pinot Days Grand Festival In San Francisco?

Every year in San Francisco, the organization Pinot Days hosts a grand wine tasting festival in San Francisco. 

It first began over 10 years ago around 2009 and with each passing year, the festival has grown and grown in the number of attendants, wine exhibitors, and more.

This makes it one of the best wine festivals in San Francisco to attend so you can get a taste of the various wines on offer from around the world. 

So, the Pinot Days Grand Festival is a huge wine festival held in San Francisco (and other locations around the US) where you can try new pinot noirs.

Why You Should Visit The Pinot Days Grand Festival

San Francisco is no stranger to wine festivals. California is one of the world’s best wine producing regions, after all.

So – why should you attend the Pinot Days Grand Festival and not one of the many other wine tasting events at San Francisco?

Let’s take a look at what the Pinot Days Grand Festival has to offer! 

What Wines You Can Taste At Pinot Days?

Each year, Pinot Days Grand Festival showcases around 500 different pinot noirs from around the world. This makes it a huge wine tasting event that you can use to your advantage by sampling a larger pool of pinot noir wines. 

If you tried to do this yourself at home, you would spend a fortune on whole bottles of pinot noir – and waste a ton of money in the process.

By attending Pinot Days Grand Festival, you can sample hundreds of pinot noirs to find the ones that best match your preferences. 

San Francisco Pinot Days

What Wineries And Vineyards Are Showcasing At Pinot Days?

As one of the grandest wine tasting festivals held in San Francisco annually, there are a lot of different wineries, vineyards, proprietors, and winemakers showcasing their finest pinot noirs here. 

The exact number will vary from year to year but on average, you can find wines from over 140 wineries at the Pinot Days Grand Festival.

These aren’t just pinot noirs made in California either – wineries come from Oregon, Burgundy, New Zealand, and other wine producing regions to showcase their pinot noirs. 

As well as tasting the pinot noirs from around the world, you can also engage with the winemakers themselves through the meet and greets.

This means by attending the Pinot Days Grand Festival in San Francisco, you can also talk directly to professional winemakers from around the world while sampling their craft – a unique experience you cannot get from drinking pinot noir at home. 

So, Pinot Days Grand Festival is a great opportunity for you to not only sample and explore new pinot noirs but to learn more about winemaking and pinot noir from around the world directly from those responsible for their creation! 

Will There Be Snacks? 

Pinot Days also hire local specialty food purveyors who will be around to serve delicious delectables that pair well with pinot noir.

So, not only can you explore new pinot noirs and find your new favorite bottle, but sample and test different foods to eat alongside your glass of pinot noir. 

How Can You Attend? 

If you have decided that you want to attend, you will need to contact Pinot Days to purchase your ticket. This is a high-end wine tasting event that you cannot just walk into – attendees need to purchase a ticket in advance. 

You can also purchase tickets for afternoon and evening VIP events. These events offer wine tasting based on regions, sampling finer wines and pairings you can find during the day event.

What wineries will be featured in these focused testing special events will  vary from year to year. 

The event is held annually in San Francisco (the exact venue can change from year to year) and typically in the month of June. Some years it is outdoors, making it a fun and relaxing type of wine festival 

Final Thoughts

So, that’s everything you need to know about the San Francisco Pinot Days Grand Festival. 

Now you know exactly what the festival offers, reasons you should consider attending, and how to secure your tickets to confirm your attendance. We hope you enjoy attending the  Pinot Days Grand Festival in San Francisco! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Day Is National Pinot Noir Day?

August 18th is celebrated around the world as National Pinot Noir Day! 

This makes it the ideal day to enjoy a glass of your favorite pinot noir, or try a new vintage to explore the different varieties out there. 

However, Pinot Days do not organize their events to coincide with National Pinot Noir Day. As stated above, Pinot Days usually host their Grand Festival sometime in mid-June and that’s a whole two months before National Pinot Noir Day! 

Why Is Pinot Noir So Special?

Pinot noir is one of the most popular wines in the world for many good reasons. 

It’s a great medium bodied wine with low tannin. It ages unpredictably so no two bottles are the same, making it an incredibly varied wine. This is why so many wine events can offer hundreds of bottles of pinot noir and each one will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma. 

To learn more about why pinot noir is so special, why not try it out for yourself? The Pinot Days festival in San Francisco will allow you to access hundreds of pinot noirs from around the world!

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