Pesto Sauce & Wine Pairings That Work Perfectly Together

If you are looking for a wine that will pair best with pesto sauce, our top pics are Pinot Gris, Albariño, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chablis.

White wine that is not super ripe while still having a green quality to it will perfectly complement the sharp flavor of pesto sauce. 

Pesto Sauce & Wine Pairings That Work Perfectly Together

We recommend steering clear of oaked white wine. The reason we say this is that the tannin will add too much bitterness to the pesto sauce.

On top of that, a wine that will pair well with pesto needs to have a strong flavor, as wine that is mild will be overcome by the sharpness of pesto sauce. 

If you prefer red wine, you need something that is lighter and has a low tannin. Because of the herbal flavor of pesto, dark fruity flavors from red wine can clash. 

The question is, which wines will pair best with pesto sauce? This is why in this article we are going to go over some of the best wine and pesto sauce pairings out there. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get started!

Perfectly Paired Wine And Pesto Combos

In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the most delicious wine and pesto pairings. These are among the best combinations we have knowledge of.

So, let’s check them out!

Pesto Sauce Paired With Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine known for its grass-like flavor. This profile means that this wine pairs particularly well with the flavors in traditional pesto. 

The olive oil, basil, and garlic all seem to sing when they are paired with a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. 

This wine does have a grassy flavor, but it also has notes of crisp lemon, lime, and grapefruit. These acidic yet citrus flavors all meld perfectly with the sharp flavor profile in pesto. 

Sauvignon Blanc has a zing to it that makes the sharp flavors of pesto more vibrant and strong. Somehow, the flavors come alive and you get a blast of freshness. 

Pesto Sauce Paired With Albariño

Another great wine pairing for pesto is the deliciously fruity Albariño. This wine is known for its delightful combination of fruity flavors.

The most prominent of which are as follows: Nectarine, Grapefruit, Melon, Peach, and Apricot. 

The salinity and acidity profile in this wine is almost electric. The crisp acidity in Albariño wine brings out the freshness of pesto.

Albariño wine has a crisp zing to it that perfectly compliments all the ingredients you will typically find in pesto. 

If you are looking to add a delightfully fresh tang to your pesto dish, Albariño is going to be the best option for you. 

Pesto Sauce & Wine Pairings That Work Perfectly Together

Pesto Sauce Paired With Hárslevelű

If you have a taste for Hungarian wine, Hárslevelű is probably one of the best options that will pair well with pesto sauce.

This wine is known for its freshness and the notes of honey, lime zest, apple blossom, chestnut, and pear. 

Hárslevelű also has an almost peppery flavor that is often considered to be similar to Grüner Veltliner. If you are looking for a more readily available wine, Grüner Veltliner is probably a good option for you. 

Hárslevelű on the other hand can be a little on the rare side. But it does pair perfectly with pesto sauce or dishes like carrot and ginger soup. 

Pesto Sauce Paired With Italian Arneis

If you are looking for a good medium-bodied wine that has a delectable freshness, Italian Arneis is likely a good choice. It pairs remarkably well with pesto sauce.  

Italian Arneis has a fantastic flavor that is a combination of apple and grapefruit. On top of that, it also has herbal and grassy notes that perfectly complements pesto sauce. 

This wine has a kind of bitter finishing note that goes especially well with pesto that has pine nuts. 

Tuna With Pesto Sauce Paired With Cabernet Franc

There are not a lot of red wines that go especially well with pesto sauce. Usually, cherry, raspberry, and blackberry does not really pair well with the shark green flavor of pesto.

Cabernet Franc on the other hand is a different animal. The notes of green bell pepper, grass, herbs, and green olives work remarkably well with pesto sauce.

We find that the flavors just come alive with this combination. 

Cabernet Franc still has notes of red cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. But it somehow works well with pesto sauce in this case. Still, white wines go much better with pesto sauce. 

When you are out searching for a bottle of Cabernet Franc, we recommend going for one that is low in tannin.

Most of the time the oil, cheese, and fats in pesto sauce will tone down the tannin in Cabernet Franc. 

You do need to be aware that your wine may have a bitter flavor because of the garlic and herbal flavors.

Your pesto and Cabernet Franc will go better if you add meat into the mix. It is for this reason we recommend tuna, chicken, or pork. 

The protein in tuna, chicken, or pork will help to soak up some of the tannin in Cabernet Franc. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these delicious pesto sauce and wine pairings.

At the end of the day, while our advice is top-notch, it is up to you to decide what works best for you. 

Try different combinations, and you are sure to find something that pairs well and suits your tastes.

The way that these different wines pair with the pesto sauces is a great basis. We know from experience that these pairings work particularly well. 

But if you think that it doesn’t quite work, try different wines or sauces together. You are sure to find something that perfectly suits your tastes. 

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Peruse the plethora of articles we have, and you are sure to find something that will pique your interest. 

Thanks for reading!

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