Definitive Grüner Veltliner Food Pairing Guide

Austria’s finest Grüner Veltliner wine is fresh, crispy, and slightly spicy all at once, and not only is it the perfect companion to a few delicious national dishes, but it also pairs incredibly well with small and refreshing ingredients that will help keep you energized in the day. 

Definitive Grüner Veltliner Food Pairing Guide

From miniature Asian bite-size snacks to veggie-filled meals, there are so many different types of food that you can pair this lime and grapefruit wine with, and since it is now more readily available than ever, it’s never been a better time to experiment. 

Here’s a full detailed guide of all the amazing pairings you can make with Grüner Veltliner, along with a little bit of information on what exact tastes you and your guests can expect by integrating this wine into your favorite meals. 

What Is Grüner Veltliner?

The Grüner Veltliner has been recognized as the most beloved and most popular white wine in all of Austria for many years now, but throughout the last century, it has managed to win the hearts of wine lovers across the world.

It is known to be a century-old variety that was first discovered in St. Georgen in Burgenland, though there is still a lot unknown about the finer details of this drink, including what its second parent could potentially be. 

The wine is known for containing a high acidity alongside hints of honey, lemon, lime, and a general flavor of citrus that is a sheer delight to taste for yourself.

Nowadays, Grüner Veltliner could be compared to Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in terms of worldwide popularity among wine enthusiasts, but most people don’t just drink it on their own, instead, they combine the light and uplifting flavor with some delicious food. 

What Type Of Food Pairs Well With Grüner Veltliner?

Definitive Grüner Veltliner Food Pairing Guide

As mentioned previously, because this mouthwatering wine is most well-known in its home country, when looking up pairings, you’re mostly going to be seeing it being served alongside some delightful-looking Austrian dishes and snacks. 

However, so that there is a bit of variety for you to choose from, we have made sure to include a range of different foods that are available in every country so that you have more variety on what types of meals and ingredients you could pair it with. 

Fried Foods (Schnitzel)

The high acidity possessed by Grüner Veltliner can easily cut through the crunchy texture of most fried foods, and it is most commonly paired with schnitzel which is already a delicious snack on its own, but one that also becomes even more tender and juicy thanks to the wine. 

Here are just a few examples of fried foods that you can enhance with a touch of citrusy flavor when pairing them with Grüner Veltliner.

  • Fried Chicken 
  • Fried Cheese Sticks 
  • Egg Rolls 
  • Flauta 
  • Crispy Fried Cauliflower 

Grüner Veltliner can always work especially well with fried foods when you fear that they might have been prepared for a little too long which can cause them to come out sickly and slightly unpleasant.

The vibrancy and elegance of the white wine will immediately make the food taste a whole lot easier to digest and so simple to chew on. 

Fresh Cheeses

You have to be very careful when pairing wine with cheese because if the taste is just a little too potent or heavy, it can immediately mask the creaminess and the underlying flavors of the food, but luckily, this isn’t a problem with Grüner Veltliner since it is very light. 

This means that when pairing the wine with any dish that has fresh cheese at its core, such as Mac and cheese, halloumi fries, or even a pizza, the exotic taste of the wine is never going to overtake the freshness of the texture and taste of the cheese. 

Instead, it will only enhance it with a hint of sourness which is due to the acidity and lemon flavor, so it’s always worth pairing up with any dish that uses cheese as a main ingredient.

Here are some examples of fresh cheeses that pair especially well with Grüner Veltliner. 

  • Goats cheese 
  • Young pecorino 
  • Mozzarella 
  • Cottage cheese 
  • Ricotta 

Rich Meat And Seafood

To get the most out of your Grüner Veltliner, you’re going to want to choose a meat that is very rich in its taste, otherwise, the wine won’t do much to affect it and can even end up tasting rather hollow. 

Pork chops, Tonkatsu, and veal are just a few types of meat that have enough flavor to work well with Grüner Veltliner and won’t end up lagging behind or becoming masked by the light and zesty flavor. 

It’s not just meat with rich underlying flavors that work well here however, there have also been a lot of recipes mixing Grüner Veltliner with powerful seafood too in order to bolster the overall taste and make it as appetizing as possible. 

Here are some examples of rich-tasting meat and seafood that you should definitely consider pairing with this dazzling white wine:

  • Turkey 
  • Kidney
  • Paté
  • Haddock 
  • Freshly grilled sardines 
  • Mussels 
  • Clams 
  • Shrimp 


Since Grüner Veltliner is so airy and breezy, it’s never a bad idea to also try pairing it with a few ingredients that are just as refreshing, and that includes a whole range of crunchy vegetables. 

Whether it’s simply paired with a hearty salad or a much bigger main dish such as crispy gnocchi, anything that features at least a few small and nutritious veggies will benefit immensely from the zesty sensation provided by this wine. 

The high acidity also means that Grüner Veltliner will mesh well not only with fresh vegetables, but also bitter ones too such as brussel sprouts and cabbage since it can easily stand up to the more apparent flavors coming from the ingredients.

Here are some of the best types of vegetables that you should definitely consider pairing Grüner Veltliner with. 

  • Asparagus 
  • Green beans 
  • Bell peppers 
  • Carrots 
  • Celery 
  • Radish 
  • Spinach 
  • Sun Choke 
  • Broccoli 
  • Cauliflower 


Part of the reason many people would call Grüner Veltliner such an appetizing and refreshing beverage is that it already contains herbaceous notes of its own, so when paired with a few different herbs, it can really allow them to pop out more than ever before.

Herbs won’t always be as noticeable as we would like them to be, especially if they’re being overpowered by the juiciness of some meat or the crunchy texture of fried fish or schnitzel.

Therefore, this wine can act as a quick and easy addition that will make sure each individual herb gets its time to shine. 

Here are some herbs that will have their flavors enhanced the most when paired with a dash of Grüner Veltliner.

  • Dill
  • Mint
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Tarragon 


All in all, Grüner Veltliner is such an easy wine to consume that there really aren’t many types of food that it won’t pair well with, but rather than using it on every meal you make, it can be worth learning what foods it can actually improve the most in both taste and texture. 

Experiment with pairing this traditional white wine with a few of the ingredients and meals listed above, and find out what you and your friends like the taste of the most so that you can serve the pairing again down the road. 

Sarah Perez
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