What Is The Best Lasagna Wine Pairing?

Trying to find the right wine for certain dishes can be a tough task. This is especially true of lasagna, the creamy Italian pasta dish. This is a very texturally complex meal that has some very bold flavors, so you will need a wine that stands up.

What Is The Best Lasagna Wine Pairing

This is why it is best to pair rich red wines with your lasagna. Red wine has plenty of punch and an acidic aftertaste that complements the milder cheese flavors in lasagna.

Some wines will need to be avoided, as they will clash with the tomato sauce in your lasagna.

So, what are the best red wines for your lasagna dish? How can you find a drop that will complement rather than clash with this pasta treat?

How do an individual lasagna’s ingredients affect the taste of red wine and vice versa? Well, we’re going to do a deep dive into the best wines to pair with lasagna.

Why Put Red Wine With Lasagna?

Red wine goes well with lasagna because of the acid levels, which bring out some of the natural flavors of the vegetables that are often found in lasagna, which results in a very earthy flavor most of the time.

White wines do not have the requisite strong flavor that you need to match some of the flavors that you get in a lasagna. Also, white wines have the flavors of fruit, which is counter to the largely savory taste of lasagna.

You can get white wines that are suitable to pair with lasagna. Pinot Grigio has subtler fruity flavors such as peach and pear, but it also has a strong acidic punch, perfect for bringing out the earthy and bitter tones of your Italian dish.

What Are The Best Wines To Pair With Lasagna?

Now that we’ve discussed the reason that you’ll want to pair red wine with lasagna, let’s have a look at the best wines for pairing with this lasagna dish. We’ll give you a rundown of the wines for pairing, before going more in-depth as to why they work:

Red Wines That Work With Lasagna

  • Chianti Classico
  • Barbera
  • Dolcetto
  • Sangiovese
  • Nero d’Avola
  • Merlot – Medium Bodied
  • Valpolicella Classico / Rosso
  • Rosso Conero

White Wines That Work With Lasagna

  • Sauvignon Blanc

It is worth noting that the Sauvignon Blanc works better when paired with vegetarian lasagna, as the wilder fruit will complement the earthy vegetables.

Now that we’ve had a look at a brief list of which wines work the best with lasagna, let’s have an in-depth evaluation of which wine might work best for your specific dinner party:

Chianti Classico And Lasagna

Chianti is a very famous red wine. It is extremely zesty and bitter, with more than a hint of fruitiness. The most dominant flavor of this wine is a deep black cherry that really elevates the dense and earthy textures of the lasagna.

As you are sipping every mouthful of wine, you’ll notice how much it washes your palette out, making each mouthful of lasagna seem fresh.

This is because red dilutes all the carbs and fat that accumulate when you eat more than a few mouthfuls of lasagna.

When you are drinking Chianti Classico with lasagna, then you might notice that you are eating slower and savoring each bite of your meal. This is a common effect of drinking red wine with foods that are packed with rich fats and flavors.

Barbera And Lasagna

This is another wine that is extremely acidic, grown in various parts of the world such as Argentina and California. However, this is probably the wine most associated with Italy, as it originates from the Piedmont district.

In terms of flavor, Barbera has a bright and fruity taste, mainly the textures of red and black cherries. It also includes more boutique flavors like herbs with a touch of spice. However, these can only be tasted in trace amounts.

Because of the herby quality of this meal, Barbera will pair very well with the tomato sauce in lasagna. This will also draw out the vividness of the beef and vegetables (Also check out Cottage Pie Food Pairings That Will Excite Your Day).

The only drawback of having this wine at your dinner party is that it is very expensive.

Pinot Noir And Lasagna

Pinot Noir is a very lively and fruity red wine with acidic and oaky textures.

You will be able to detect subtle hints of strawberry and cherry, which is very refreshing and will reset your palate with every sip. This will allow you to appreciate the taste of your lasagna with every bite.

This Pinot is very smooth and textured, often described as an elegant and classy wine. This makes it perfect to pour out at any dinner party that has a sophisticated edge.

The fruity flavors will also complement the more grounded tastes of the vegetables in your lasagna.

One of the drawbacks of this wine is that it is expensive, and you might find yourself forking out close to $45 for a bottle.

However, if it is a special occasion, then you might not mind paying more than you usually would for an over-the-counter bottle of wine.

Zinfandel And Lasagna

This next wine is still very fruity, except it comes with a smokiness that you won’t find in the wines that we have listed above. This wine does have sweet notes to it, although it is not classed as a sugary wine.

The strange thing about Zinfandel wines is that the more you pay for them, the sweeter and stickier they get. This is great for serving with hearty cuts of barbecue-sauced beef steaks but might not be great for pairing with a stodgy lasagna.

The earthy tones of your Zinfandel will contrast perfectly with the vegetables in your lasagna, with some peppery tints that will go nicely with the beef.

The smokiness of Zinfandel also gets under the richness of the cheese, almost giving that aged flavor.

Sangiovese And Lasagna

This is a very tart wine that contrasts wonderfully with the fatty cheese that overflows in lasagna. It also isn’t too fruity, so it won’t clash with the tomato base. This is a widely available wine, so you shouldn’t have to spend too much on it.

Sangiovese is good for pairing with vegetarian lasagna, as the vegetables work well with the subtle fruity notes.

However, you should not overindulge with too much of this wine, as it can overwhelm the taste of your lasagna, leading to the last few bites being far blander.

Nero d’Avola And Lasagna

This is one of the more full-bodied wines, coming with rich fruity flavors such as black and red cherry as well as plum, all of which work very well with the tomato and vegetables contained within your meal.

Nero d’Avola contains a medium to high level of acidity, which is perfect for a mild and creamy lasagna. You can also pair this wine with pizza, pasta, and meatballs. This wine works well with meat and vegetarian pasta dishes.

Merlot And Lasagna

Merlot is more of a light wine, smooth and soft it will not dominate your palette, instead it will enrich your vegetables and meat dishes. It pairs well with the juicy and earthy flavor of mushrooms as well as the saltiness of bacon.

This wine has a lower tannin level, which means that it won’t give the tomato sauce in your lasagna that tinny aftertaste.

This is a great option for vegetarian lasagna dishes, and it will wipe your palate clean after each sip, making every lasagna bite as rich and flavorful as the last.


We hope that our guide to the best wines to pair with lasagna has helped you understand how the flavor profile works and which ones will be the best for your dinner party scenario.

Remember that the more acidic wines pair best with a hearty creamy lasagna.

There are different wines for vegetable lasagnas, with the lighter-bodied versions bringing out the earthy tones of the vegetables without overwhelming the entire dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Pair The Right Wine With My Food?

The first thing you should think about when you are pairing your food with your wine is the weight of the dish and the flavor of the wine.

For example, lasagna is a very densely flavored dish, so you should make sure that the wine you pair it with is similarly strong.

How Long Will Red Wine Last After I Have Opened It?

Red wine will usually retain its expression for around a day after it has been opened. However, if it is a young wine that contains plenty of tannins, then it should last you 2 or 3 days.

How Many Wine Bottles Do I Need For My Dinner Party?

Your average bottle of wine will usually hold around 5 glasses. You should make sure that you have at least 2 glasses per person. So if you have 6 guests, then you should have around 3 bottles of wine.

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