DIY: How To Remove Wine Labels From Bottles

Bottles are a great way to be creative. Not only can they make a wonderful keepsake vase for faux flowers, but you can also add in some warm lights for a cute centerpiece, or perhaps even fill them with a different beverage.

Wine bottles are really great to use for this kind of project, especially if you plan to fill them up with another wine. However, knowing how to remove the sticky label is one of the trickiest things.

DIY: How To Remove Wine Labels From Bottles

In order to reuse the wine bottle, it is always best to remove the label. Having it on the bottle can ruin the aesthetic appeal. Removing the adhesive label is never as easy as pulling it away from the glass. 

However, it also is not impossible, especially when you have the know-how to do it. This diy how to remove labels guide will give you the skills in no time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s remove that sticky wine label!

What Is The Best Way To Remove The Label From A Wine Bottle?

If you are currently wanting to know how to remove the label from a wine bottle, then look no further! You don’t need any special ingredients, just a few kitchen products that you probably already own.

Follow these simple steps to remove the adhesive label from a wine bottle:

Materials Needed

  • A bowl that is large to fit a whole wine bottle
  • Sponge
  • Hot water
  • (Optional) You can also use a specialized adhesive remover

Step 1

Pour either boiled or tap water into the bowl. Make sure the bowl is large enough to submerge at least the label part of the wine bottle into the water.

You will also want to make sure that the water is hot. Do take care not to break the glass. For this reason, do not put the glass into a hot temperature and then a cold temperature – it will break!

Step 2

Submerge the bottle into the water, making sure that the label is fully covered. Leave the bottle in the water for around 20 minutes. 

Once the 20 minutes are up, try peeling the label off. If it begins to peel away easily from the glass bottle, then it is ready. If it does not, then leave it to soak for five minutes more.

Step 3

If you feel that the bottle is ready, then remove it from the water and slowly peel away the label. 

If you find that some places are tough, then place the bottle to soak in the water for a few minutes. However, you may just find that you can start peeling it off.

DIY: How To Remove Wine Labels From Bottles

Step 4

You may notice that some residue is left on the bottle. You can use the sponge to remove the last remaining bits of adhesive.

If you would prefer, now is the time to whip out the specialized adhesive remover. However, if you do not own any, then a sponge will do.

Gently sponge the adhesive and watch it come away from the glass. You may need some extra force to remove any areas of adhesive that are stubborn. 

Step 5

Once the adhesive is removed, you should let the glass wine bottle air dry. The bottle should be dry (inside and outside) so it can be used!

What Can You Use Empty Glass Wine Bottles For?

Once you remove the adhesive label from a glass wine bottle, you will be met with endless crafting opportunities. 

Not only will these be great for gifting to friends and family, but you can also make decor for the home and to enjoy yourself (Also check out DIY Wine Basket Ideas – Your Complete Guide). 

Here are some ideas when it comes to using a wine bottle:

  • Fill it with a beverage – it does not have to be wine.
  • Add a candle at the top and let it drip down the bottle, this looks great during Halloween.
  • Placing warm lights inside the bottle that are powered by batteries is a great way to light up the home when it comes to ambient lighting. This is wonderful to add as a table centerpiece too.
  • You can add either real or fake flowers into the empty bottle. It will look beautiful in the home or as a gift.
  • Get creative and make a vase along with those flowers (see above). You can use glass paint or a wide range of materials to create a unique-looking wine bottle vase. 
  • Wine bottles that have been turned into something else also make a well-thought-out wedding favor too.
  • A wine bottle can also make a handy bird feeder. The glass is very easy to clean and can be put into your backyard without any fear of it rusting. 

Final Thoughts

Wine bottles do not have to be thrown out once you have finished with them. When the adhesive labels get removed from the bottle, you can get creative. For example, you can turn the wine bottle into a flower vase, or even make it into a table lantern.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to remove the label. All you need is some hot water and some patience, and you will be able to remove the sticky wine label in no time. 

Hopefully, this simple guide has inspired you to remove the label from the wine bottle and turn it into something fun, whether for family or friends, or something for yourself to enjoy in the home.

Sarah Perez
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