Pork Wine Pairings

It is hard to find someone who does not love pork, and this makes sense with how easy it is to slot into different meals and still taste amazing.

Part of why we love using pork so much in our meals is its versatility, and just how many different meals will work well using pork as a focal point. 

Pork Wine Pairings

This versatility is also represented in how many different wines you can pair with pork.

It is actually not that hard to find a wine that will pair well with pork, but you will need to know which elements of the wine and also which elements of the pork you want to compliment each other. 

Once you understand these aspects of the wine and the pork, then getting a great pairing will not be that difficult. 

This guide will not just give you generic pork and wine pairings, but we will also take into account the cooking method you use for the pork, as well as the different glaze or sauce you might be working with. 

The main elements you want to consider when you are pairing pork with wine is the fat and the salt. This is because pork tends to be quite a fatty meat and because of this you want to be pairing it with a wine which has a high acidity and is medium bodied. 

If you are going with a red wine, then you will notice that the fat will help with balancing out the tannins used.

You also might know that pairing wine with pork is about making the right connections with your meal as well, and this can be seen in how you can take advantage of something like the sauce to get a great pairing. 

What is even better than this is that pork is similar to chicken in the sense that it is able to blend well with other flavors.

This means that while pairing with the pork is important, you will need to place a stronger focus on extra flavors from sauces and glazes as these will dominate the meat. 

This means that the wine pairing will depend a lot more on extra flavors than it would with a more dominant meat flavor.

In this guide we will split up our pairings into three main sections, this being which red wines will pair best with pork, which white wines will pair best with pork, and finally sorting the pork by different cuts and sauces to see which wines will pair best with those.

So if you need some pork and wine pairing help, keep reading!

Red Wine Pork Pairings

Firstly we are going to focus on the pairings you can get with pork and red wines. As we mentioned, pork is very versatile, and this means that there is quite a wide range of different red wines which can work well with it.

You will want to try and ensure that the wine and the food pairing are balanced, otherwise you could overwhelm your food with a wine which is too heavy.

Pork And Malbec

Now we love pairing Malbec with something like a stuffed pork loin, so if this is what you are planning to prepare, then a Malbec will be the best option. 

A Malbec is well known for having a fruity flavor which can taste like berries or plum, and this makes it a perfect choice for pairing with something like pork, even more so if the pork is being served with a red sauce.

You will find that you can get Malbec which has been sourced from either Argentina or France, however, we prefer the Argentinian Malbec for pairing with pork (Also check out Malbec Vs Cabernet Sauvignon). This is because a Malbec from this region is much more likely to have a fruitier flavor.

This also makes it less tannic and this will help in bringing out more sweetness from the dish.

Pork And Pinotage 

If you are planning to make a grilled pork chop, then one of the best red wines to pair with this is a Pinotage. This is one of the signature wines of South Africa and it can be best described as a combination of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. 

This means that it works incredibly well with pork. The reason why we recommend this specifically for grilled pork chops is because the char you will get from grilling the pork chops will complement the smokier flavors of the Pinotage. 

With a Pinotage you will get a more full bodied wine and on top of this it also has a higher alcohol concentration as well. Both of these elements work well with the higher fat content of pork and balance each other out perfectly.

Pork And Syrah

If you are thinking of a meat which tends to be rich and more colorful in flavor, we do not always consider pork for this, however, if you are working with something like pork tenderloin, then this is a lot more common. 

And nothing goes better with a pork tenderloin than something like a red wine. There is no better red wine we think goes better with pork tenderloin than Syrah. This has a fruity and bold flavor. It is more full bodied and it also has medium high tannins as well.

You will also get more acidity from this wine and this ensures that it works incredibly well with a pork tenderloin. 

Pork And Carmenere 

Pork Wine Pairings

Similarly to the aforementioned Malbec, a Carmenere also comes from Bordeaux, but it has become a lot more popular in South America. This type of wine works amazingly well with something like grilled pork chops, or even pork fajitas. 

This is because of the great tannic structure this wine has, and this is great for breaking down the fat pork elements. It also has some herbal and more green characteristics, and this works great when going with pork.

Pork And Port

Port is perhaps the most famous wine which originates from Portugal and it is also one of our favorite red wines which pairs well with pork.

Part of the reason for this is because port wine is fortified and this means that it has a noticeable sweet taste, and this works well with the saltier taste you will get from a lot of pork dishes. Because of this, it works best with more savory pork instead of sweeter ones. 

Port wine will work great when preparing pork in a style like sliders or brisket. It also pairs quite well with something like a sweeter barbecue sauce where the sweetness pairs well together.

This wine also has an ability to let the flavor of the meat come through when sipping which we love as a pairing.

White Wine Pork Pairings

Now we are going to cover the best white wines to pair with pork. When you are doing this the main thing you are going to need to keep in mind is the acid content. 

The acidity is the main thing to keep in mind, and once you have considered how this will pair with the pork, then you can consider the flavor and the aroma of the wine after.

Assyrtiko With Pork

If there is just one type of white wine which you are able to try with pork, then this is Assyrtiko. This wine has a great acidity while also being refreshing and crisp. This means it pairs astoundingly well with something like pork souvlaki. 

This type of white wine also has a slight tannin quality which makes it stand out as a white wine. This is seen as one of the best white wines from Greece, and once you try it with some pork, you will understand why!

Pinot Grigio With Pork

One of the more well known types of white wine is Pinot Grigio, and this also pairs well with something like pork tenderloin. 

This is because tenderloin tends to have a more subtle and delicate flavor when compared to other methods of preparing pork, and this means that a simple wine like Pinot Grigio goes well with it.

Pinot Grigio has a smooth and refreshing taste which generally complements most types of pork making it a pretty safe bet if you need a quick pairing. 

This is also the same if you have Pinot Gris, which as the name implies is pretty similar, and comes from a similar type of grape.

Whatever type of Pinot Grigio you use, both will work well with something like pork tenderloin, especially if you use something like a lemony sauce, or a fruit glaze.

Albariño With Pork

This is another great white wine option for pairing with pork. It is a dry Spanish white wine and it has a high acid content. This makes it a great fit for a type of pork which is more fatty, one of the best examples being pork belly.

However, if this is not enough, you can also take advantage of Albariño’s more fruity aftertaste being reminiscent of grapefruit and lemon, and this can give your pork dish a more saucy taste.

Chenin Blanc Pair With Pork

Pork Wine Pairings

When it comes to white wines which can work with a lot of different flavors, we have to highlight Chenin Blanc. This is also why this type of wine works particularly well with pork. It can actually work well with almost any type of pork. 

There are actually 4 different types of Chenin Blanc which you can get, and each of these will work better with a different type of pork. An example of this is a dry sparkling Chenin which is perfect for putting with something like pork belly.

However, there are sweeter types of Chenin which are better with a sour or sweeter pork.

Vidiano, Cretan Wine With Pork

The last type of white wine we want to highlight is Vidiano. This is another white wine which works with a lot of different foods, and pork is one of them. 

This wine has a medium body, as well as medium acidity, paired with a silky texture, and this is why this type of wine is so popular in Crete.

We also love the flavor of this wine which has a fruity taste reminiscent of lemon, peach, and apricot, all of which are flavors and aromas which you will notice when having this delicious wine with your pork. It works especially well when the pork is paired with celery.

Pork Wine Pairings By Cut

As we mentioned in the introduction the method you use for cutting and preparing your pork will greatly impact which wine will work best with your pork.

You will find that something like a grilled pork chop will have a much more smokey element and this will work well with a red wine, however something like a pork loin is more lean and this will work well with white wine instead. 

Something like pork with a fruit glaze will have a much different flavor than something which is spiced, and for each of these we need to consider how this changes which wine pairing will be optimal.

Pork Chops Wine Pairing

When it comes to pork chops these will usually have a more neutral flavor and this means that they will work with a lighter wine which has a fruity flavor, meaning that they will not be overpowered. 

This means something like a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, or a Torrontés. You could also go with a rose since these are crisp and work well with most types of pork.

Wine Pairing Pork Roast

As you might know, there is not really one perfect way to make a pork roast, and this means giving a specific recommendation is difficult. However, there are still some wines which we think will work great with a pork roast. 

For example, a Beaujolais will work great with a pork roast because it has a higher acidity which balanced out the fattier elements of the pork. However, there is also white wine and in this case we recommend a more dry Riesling. 

Wine Pairing With Pork Tenderloin

If you are serving pork tenderloin, especially if it is with apples, then you have to do with a white wine like the aforementioned Riesling or a Pinot Blanc. 

This is because the apple characteristics you can find in the wine will pop with the dish. However, if you want to go with something a little more safe, then you could try a Chardonnay since this has some fruitier flavors. 

Pork Belly Wine Pairing

If you are preparing something like a pork belly which will nearly always have a higher fat content, then you will want something with a higher acidity. This is because the higher acidity will cut through the fat and then brighten up the palate while eating. 

We also need to keep in mind that we are working with a meat that tends to be more salty, and in these circumstances the higher acidity is even more important.

This is why Champagne is often recommended since it has a more intense acidity and this makes it pair amazingly with pork belly. 

You can also go with any other Brut to Extra dry wines, as they will have a similar impact. Also, you could try going with something like a fruitier Loire Cabernet Franc, or a more acidic Pinot Noir. You could also try a more dry Riesling as well.


Hopefully this guide has given you an accurate impression of just how much you can make work with pork belly.

There are plenty of different options and routes to go, so make sure you take into account the specific characteristics of the pork you are preparing, and use our advice. Make sure you are not overpowering the flavor of the dish with the wine and vice versa.

Sarah Perez
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