Trade & Media Ticket Request

Enter Your Qualifications To Request A Trade/Media Ticket.


By entering your business information below, you are requesting a single complimentary ticket to the Pinot Days Exclusive Trade & Media Tasting at the respective city.  Tickets are reserved for members of the wine-buying trade.

PLEASE ENTER ONLY BUSINESS CONTACT INFORMATION and QUALIFICATIONS. Specifically, please provide your work address, work email, and work phone number and your title or position at your place of business.  Do not enter personal information; we will not send tickets to your personal email. If you do not have a work email address, please use your work physical mailing address and provide a method to contact you at work so that we may verify your association with the wine industry entity.   NOTE:  Entering your information does not guarantee that you will be admitted, but guarantees our very thoughtful consideration.

ABOUT GUESTS:  If you would like to bring a guest, that person can buy a regular public ticket and you can email us to convert it to a trade ticket.


Please review the trade and media requirements by following the arrow.

What If You Are Not Approved?

Please note that, initially, your approval will be “pending.”  We will notify you once you’re approved.  If we decline you but you are indeed a member of the wine-buying trade, we invite you to reapply and provide more appropriate information, which we will be happy to consider.

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What Happens After You Enter Your Information Below?

We (a committee of participating wineries) will review the qualifications of those requesting a Trade Pass. We will approve wine-buying trade members to attend this tasting, and will email you notice of your status. Please allow up to two weeks for a response to your request. If approved, we will email you your ticket, which you must print and present at the Trade Tasting. Please note that you may only request one ticket; colleagues must apply on their own, and please invite them to do so.

In the service of our Pinot producers, it is our goal to produce an event which puts wine-buying decision makers in front of participating Pinot Noir producers in a private setting that allows for focused tasting and related conversations. Thus Pinot Days reserves the right to request additional information regarding your professional association with the wine-buying community and to refuse admission to those who do not demonstrate legitimate qualifications as wine-buying trade. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

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