Pinot Days Sponsors

While our Pinot exhibitors share their love and knowledge at our events, we couldn’t have made Pinot Days possible without our sponsors. Increasingly, it’s the genuinely boutique producers who come and pour at our events. They’re the ones who don’t have a marketing department to promote them, the ones who want wine lovers to discover who they are and what they craft.​ Our sponsors are their voice, allowing our events to expand and connecting producers with prospective customers from around the world. As the public became more familiar with Pinot Noir, they began to turn to Pinot Days as their source of information. In 2004, 100 exhibitors and 1,000 attended the Grand Festival in San Francisco. In 2010, 220 producers and 3,500 attended the Grand Festival. And in response to popular demand, we have ventured beyond California, producing 4 festivals annually. Pinot is finally getting the recognition it deserves!

Diversity. Character. Enjoyment.




KGO Radio

The Bay Area’s broadest and best variety of talk radio, KGO 810 gives us Ron Owens, Armstrong and Getty, Chip Franklin, Brian Copeland, and Ethan Bearman and more, news and contests and everything that’s going on in and around the Bay Area.   Program your radio accordingly!

California Cheese and Butter Association

The California Cheese & Butter Association is a trade organization for any person, company or organization engaged in the manufacture, sale, promotion or distribution of all origins of cheese or butter in the State of California.  Founded in the early part of the 20th century, the history of the California Cheese & Butter Association parallels the evolution of quality dairy products in California.  Today’s California Cheese & Butter Association represents companies from all over the United States and abroad. The Association pledges to promote the consumption of cheese and butter products to consumers.

Wine Spectator

Published 16 times per year, Wine Spectator offers an exciting, insider’s view of the good life, including fine dining, wine, travel and entertainment. With more than 2 million readers, Wine Spectator reaches business leaders, trendsetters and connoisseurs.


VinVillage is an exciting new social networking organization for wine and food lovers that has launched throughout the country. VinVillage has created locally based social wine groups and is connecting them with “like-minded” wine lovers in their home cities and around the U.S. by bringing the membership together with an enhanced local and online “wine life-style” experience offering unique and exclusive wines, events, products and services.

"You don’t just drink Pinot, you study it. You live its story."