Snacks That Go With Wine: Ultimate Guide To Snacks And Wine Pairing

It can be quite difficult to find snacks that pair well with wine. Wine and snacks go very well together, but you need to consider the flavors involved when you are pairing wine and snacks.

Snacks That Go With Wine: Ultimate Guide To Snacks And Wine Pairing

If you are hosting a party or you want to learn more about pairing wine with snacks, you’ll find your answers here. It can be difficult to know what wine goes with what food, but we’re here to help! 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best wine pairings for the most popular snacks, including cheese, olives, chips, and charcuterie! After reading this article, you will have some great ideas for a snack and wine night with your friends! Let’s dive in. 

Snacks And Wine Pairing 

When you pair food with wine, you will need to take into consideration the characteristics of the wine and the food. This is to ensure that you create a balanced combination. 

Certain snacks are commonly paired with wine, and, in this article, we will explore the different wine pairings that work well with these snacks. 

Fat And High Acidity 

Fat and high acidity is a great combination. If you are serving fatty snacks, such as chips or charcuterie, this will pair very well with wines that are high in acidity. It doesn’t matter if these are red, white, or sparkling wines. 

Salt/Mineral And High Acidity 

This is a great combination. Salty snacks, such as salted peanuts, go very well with white wines that are crisp and have mineral aromas and high acidity. Wines like Albarino work very well in this case. 

Spicy And Sweetness 

This is a great combination, and the spicy and flavorful snacks go very well with the sweetness of certain white wines. Things like nachos and chili nuts balance the heat in the food. 

Herbs And Herbaceous Wine 

This is a great combination. Snacks with herbs and olives pair very well with wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

Pairing Chips With Prosecco

Chips are one of the most popular snacks that go very well with wine. They are most delicious when served with fresh, acidic wines. This is because the acidity in the wine cuts through the fat of the chips. 

Champagne is the perfect wine pairing for chips, but wines such as Prosecco are also a very good choice. 

Chips with unoaked chardonnay also pair very well with these snacks. This is because of the wine’s acidity level. Other white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, also pair very well with chips. 

If you enjoy spicy chips that contain chili flavorings, you can pair this with a wine that has some level of sweetness. 

If you want to enjoy red wine with your chips, it is a good idea to choose one with high acidity. This snack works very well with Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Snacks That Go With Wine: Ultimate Guide To Snacks And Wine Pairing

What To Pair With Charcuterie 

Charcuterie boards usually consist of some cured meats and some cheeses. These boards go very well with Beaujolais, Rosé Wine, and Cabernet Franc. This is because they work best with light red wines and rosé wines. Pinot Noir also works very well with charcuterie boards.

What To Pair With A Cheese Platter 

Cheese and wine go very well together, but the type of wine that you choose will depend on the type of cheese that you will be serving. There are hundreds of different cheese types, and they are all very different from each other. 

The majority of cheese is great when served with high-acidity wines. For instance, if you are pairing wine with goat’s cheese, a classic sauvignon blanc will work very well. 

If you are enjoying a cheese platter that contains lots of different types of cheese, you can’t go wrong with a Sauvignon Blanc. A light red wine will also work well, with Pinot Noir being a great choice. 

What To Pair With Salty Crackers 

Salty crackers work best with light, acidic wines. Although crackers are not often as fatty as chips, they are still best served with this type of wine. 

For instance, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc all work very well when paired with salty crackers.

Snacks That Go With Wine: Ultimate Guide To Snacks And Wine Pairing

What To Pair With Popcorn

Popcorn comes in lots of different styles. If you are using butter-flavored popcorn, it is best to serve this with high acidity.

Butter popcorn is best when served with an oaked Chardonnay. This is because the creaminess of the wine matches very well with the flavors within the popcorn. 

Salty popcorn will work well with similar wines as those that match with chips. This popcorn is best served with a crisp, mineral white wine. For instance, they are best served with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Champagne. 

Sweet popcorn is best served with a sweeter wine to bring out the flavors. For instance, this is best served with Zinfandel Rosé.

What To Pair With Nachos 

Nachos are a delicious and very popular snack that has some spice to them. They go very well with acidic wines, such as Prosecco. Sauvignon Blanc also works very well with spicy snacks as it has a hint of sweetness. 

What To Pair With Nuts 

Nuts are a great choice of snack to serve with your wine. They go with a wide range of different wines, especially ones that are high in acidity. Sauvignon Blanc works very well with nutty snacks. 

What To Pair With Olives 

Olives are often served with wine, and they match very well. Olives are best paired with dry wines that are highly acidic. Wines such as Sauvignon Blanc work very well with this snack. If you are looking for red wine to pair with olives, Pinot Noir works very well.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! After reading this article, you should now have all the information you need to help you pair your delicious snacks well with different wines. 

Whether you are looking for some snacks to enjoy with your wine and a film on a Friday night, or you’re looking for the best snacks to serve to your guests alongside a glass of wine, you’ve come to the right place! After reading this article, you should have an idea of the best wines to serve alongside certain snacks.

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