Moscato VS Prosecco: What Do You Buy?

When you enter the world of sparkling wines, you are sure to be hearing a lot of names. Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Moscato, and Doux. But what do they mean?

A common misconception is that all sparkling wines are the same. They are all made from grapes, right? Yet each type of sparkling wine has its own process and comes from a different region of the world. 

Moscato VS Prosecco: What Do You Buy?

In this article, we discuss the differences between Moscato and Prosecco. We will discuss their flavors, sweetness, alcohol content, and even how to decide which one you should be buying. 

Ready to discover more about the refreshing flavors of Moscato and Prosecco? Keep reading!

What Is Moscato?

Moscato is an Italian wine that is named after the Muscat Blanc, the oldest wine grape in the world. The Moscato world has blossomed as you can now purchase sparkling wine, semi-sparkling, still, pink, and even a red Moscato. 

It has strong base flavors of lemon, orange, and pear while orange blossom and honeysuckle provide a lighter aroma. 

Many sparkling wine lovers enjoy a Moscato when nibbling on cheeses or indulging in shrimp or lobster. 

It is a light and airy wine with a rather dry texture. Meaning it is best-served cold. 

What Is Prosecco?

Prosecco is also an Italian sparkling wine. However, it is much more popular and much more affordable than Moscato. 

Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and has a much fruitier flavor. It is extremely bubbly which makes it perfect for celebrations and adding that touch of luxury to any meal. 

When it comes to getting those unique bubbles, Prosecco producers add the yeast into the tanks before bottling. This is completely different from the Moscato process which is bottled with a small amount of carbon dioxide. 

Prosecco has base flavors of apple, peach, and pear with overtones of honeysuckle and melon. It is extremely refreshing when served chilled and remains one of the most popular sparkling wines throughout the U.S.

Differences Between Moscato And Prosecco

The main distinction is how much drier Prosecco is than Moscato.

It is also more widely drunk in Italy, where it is a legally protected wine that is produced in accordance with strict guidelines throughout the growing, harvesting, and bottling stages. 

Throughout the regions of Italy, you will most likely see everyone enjoying a glass of wine or prosecco with lunch and dinner. It pairs expertly with a range of flavors and is also extremely affordable. 

Prosecco has fewer calories since it contains so little sugar. With Moscato, it can easily include 20mg of sugar per glass, meaning little sugar is far from the case.

Another difference is the grapes used to create each sparkling wine. Glera grapes, sometimes referred to as Prosecco grapes, are used to make Prosecco.

However, the wine can contain up to 15% of other grape kinds without losing its Prosecco designation.

Moscato is made specifically from the Muscat grape family. And is typically made using the Moscato grapes. 

Alcohol Content Of Prosecco And Moscato

When it comes to alcohol content there is one thing you can always count on, Prosecco will always be higher. 

Moscato generally has an ABV of around 10 percent but it can even be as low as 5 percent. Prosecco sits at a 10-15 percent ABV no matter where it is made. 

If you aim to get loose and a little tipsy, both sparkling wines will do the trick but Prosecco will get you there faster. 

Moscato VS Prosecco: What Do You Buy? (1)

Which Do You Buy?

As you are browsing the wine aisle in the liquor store, you may find yourself torn on whether you buy Moscato or Prosecco. And in the end, the choice is completely up to you. 

However, in case you need an extra hand. The important things to remember are:

  • Prosecco is a lot dryer than Moscato. If you prefer a sweet sparkling wine, opt for Moscato. 
  • Moscato has an ABV percentage of 5-10 while Prosecco most commonly has an ABV of 12 percent. 
  • Prosecco is often more affordable than Moscato. 

You may want to purchase a bottle of each in order to discover which one you prefer. Make sure to serve them both chilled and you will have a wonderful drinking experience. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are buying a gift (Also check out DIY Wine Basket Ideas – Your Complete Guide) or are new to the flavors of sparkling wine, knowing whether to get a Moscato or Prosecco does not have to be a nightmare. 

Both are delicious sparkling wines that feel luxurious and add that touch of sophistication to any meal or occasion. 

Many prefer the price of Prosecco while enjoying the sweeter taste of Moscato. You can also base your preference on which kind of white wine you enjoy.

Those who enjoy the sweetness of Pinot Grigio will enjoy Moscato while those who enjoy a dry Chardonnay will love a Prosecco. 

Happy sipping!

Sarah Perez
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