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What Does Riesling Taste Like? Here’s Everything To Know About Riesling

Originating from the grapes found in the Rhine River region, Riesling wine is an aromatic white wine that is revered by wine connoisseurs across the world. It is often described as highly acidic, with aromas of white flowers, citrus, and stone fruit. If you’ve never tasted Riesling, you’ll probably want a description of its flavor …

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Chardonnay Sugar Level

Are you unsure how much sugar is in Chardonnay? Maybe you are watching your sugar intake and want to know if you can enjoy a glass of wine? Or are you curious and want to know more? No matter the reason that brought you here today, we have the answers for you.  Finding out how …

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Chardonnay Alcohol Content

Within the world of contemporary winemaking, Chardonnay is still considered one of the most popular and revered varieties of wine – being enjoyed by countless people around the world, and winning the praise of consumers and critics alike.  But what exactly is Chardonnay, and what is the alcohol content?  What Is Chardonnay?  While used to …

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Grillo Wine

Within the contemporary wine industry, there have never been so many choices for consumers to choose from – with even previously exclusive and hard to find varieties becoming increasingly accessible.  One example is Grillo – a variety of white wine that is popular throughout the Mediterranean and beyond, and which offers much in the way …

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Is Merlot Sweet Or Dry?

Within the world of contemporary wine, there are few varieties as popular as Merlot – a red wine that has a long and storied history within the industry, and one that remains well loved by countless people from all over the world.  But what exactly is Merlot, and is it considered sweet or dry?  What …

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