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Exhibitor Participation Information

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Following is shipping information for Pinot Days. Instructions are very specific and differ from event to event, so please follow instructions to the letter so that your wine ends up where you want it!

NOTE: The Deadline for your wines to arrive is Thursday, June 16th at 4PM. It is your responsibility to make sure that your wines arrive where you send them before the deadline. Thanks!


Shipping Instructions for San Francisco 2016: You may ship when you are ready.

644 Hanna Drive Suite E
American Canyon, CA 94503
(415) 946-1319

 NOTE:   You must clearly mark the outside of each box that you pack, as follows: 

““Pinot Days, Event Name (Grand Festival, VIP Tasting, or Specific Focus Tasting), (Winery Name).” ”

Please also notate number of boxes. 

EXAMPLE:  Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, etc.


Amount of Wine To Pour at The Grand Festival

Please do not consider this suggestion as fact, the amount of wine to pour at events is not a science and you should use your own discretion. If you are pouring about 1.25 ounces per pour, you have 20 pours per bottle or 240 pours per case.

For Chicago and Southern Cal we expect this year's attendance to be  around 1,000 (200 for trade, 800 for the public). If you are pouring 1 wine, I would bring 2 cases. If you are pouring 2-3 wines, I would bring 2-3 mixed cases. 

New York is a smaller event, with 300-400 combined trade and public in attendance. Please pour more than one wine. If you are pouring 2-3 wines, I would bring a case per each wine poured.

For San Francisco, we expect 1,500. If you are pouring 1 wine, I would bring 2.5 cases. If you are pouring 2-3 wines, I would bring 4 mixed cases.


When To Arrive At the Grand Festival

CHECK-IN TIMES:  You may check in any time after 9:00am.

GENERAL CHECK-IN INSTRUCTIONS:Please arrive between 9:00am-10:30am. You may drive into the winery loading area to unload your wine, and then go park. Once you park, come to Exhibitor Registration to pick up your badge. Your badge is your entry ticket. Badges will be filed under Exhibitor/Winery/Company Name. There will be two (2) badges per exhibitor, unless you bought more in advance. If you provided staff names in advance, those names will be on the badges. If you did not, badges will have no name other than the Company/Winery name. You may add names to badges yourself. If you have a last-minute change in staff, you may change the name on a badge at check in.

WHERE TO FIND YOUR WINE: If you shipped your wine per the instructions we provided you, it will be waiting at your table. If you did not, then please arrange to get it there. HOW MUCH WINE TO BRING: Follow the instructions posted on the Pinot Days website under "Exhibitor Information/How Much Wine to Pour."

RESTRICTIONS: No one under 21 will be admitted. This includes babies. (State law.)  TABLE SET UP:  Set up your table as you wish. You may display order forms, mailing list sign-up sheets, flowers (but not too fragrant, please) and winery brochures. We will have one chair, a spit bucket, and water bottle waiting for you at your table. If you have any issues or needs, Winery Assistant Volunteers will be wandering around for the sole purpose of assisting you. They will be wearing burgundy Pinot Days shirts and should be easy for you to identify. When you leave to park your car, please choose the spaces furthest from the pavilion so that your customers may be the lucky ones to have the preferred spaces.



Sandwiches and Food at the Grand Festival

The Metreon has a cafeteria and small restaurant in the facility.



Click HERE to review your insurance requirements.


Organizing Pinot Events Outside of Pinot Days

We cannot plead loudly enough on this – please do not organize or attend pinot events that conflict with the Pinot Days events. If you are tempted to take advantage of the fact that a large number of pinotphiles will be in town for Pinot Days, stop and consider: They are in town for Pinot Days, and if the Pinot Days events are not well attended, then we cannot produce them.  Organizing an event that is focused more narrowly on one’s own winery and that runs concurrently with a Pinot Days event, though perhaps convenient, diminishes the very thing that draws all those pinotphiles to spend that weekend in the location in the first place.  Pinot Days is for you – please support it!  Thanks in advance for your consideration on this. 

New York City Electrical and Internet


Electrical will be available at no cost. We may need to move your table out of alphabetical order to accommodate outlets, which are positioned around the outside of the room.



Wireless internet will be available at no cost.


New York City Hotel

We have never been successful designating a block of rooms for New York that have been suitabe for your travels. Therefore, we have not set up special rooms and rates for the festival.