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Pinot Days is the Bay Area Wine Project's cornerstone, and it is our favorite endeavor. Our real differentiator (besides the fact that we exclusively feature pinot noir) is the fact that wine makers and winery owners do the actual pouring. This makes for a very rich experience for our patrons. We also do smaller tastings, centering on a theme such as 2000 Pisoni Pinot Noir, Northern Rhone, Left Bank Bordeaux, and Aussie Shiraz. We collect the best and hardest-to-find wines within the theme, and serve them in flights at big, round tables with a block of some amazing cheese and a basket of good bread. Though the wines are the centerpiece, so is the conversation that bubbles up as we all taste. Some folks have immense depth of knowledge about wine, and others are newer to formal tasting, but nearly everyone offers reflections and comments, and absolutely everyone walks away knowing more about the evening's varietal, vintage or regional theme than they did when they arrived. It is learning through experience – through sipping and talking and comparing – and that is, in our humble opinions, the only kind of learning that has an impact.

We also sponsor smaller, private events that range from private parties given by folks who want to offer their guests a particular wine experience, to corporate events that use wine as a way to incite conversation and collegiality. As is the case with our tastings, our private events offer wine lovers access to really interesting and wonderful wines in an environment that is light and fun, yet focused on the wines.

Beyond our tastings and events, the Bay Area Wine Project provides information about and access to wine-related events in the greater Bay Area. Our website is a kind of Bay Area hub for wine events, wine education opportunities, and wine "trivia" (though personally speaking, we do not consider much that is related to wine to be trivial!). In the category of wine "trivia" you'll find articles about outstanding wine personalities, winery profiles, reviews of wine events, restaurant wine lists, formal tastings in the greater Bay Area, and so on.

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